Virtual Staging

A modern patio with comfortable seating arranged around a fire pit

Inspire Buyers and Redefine Spaces

As marketers we are not selling other people’s lives or experiences. We are offering potential buyers a canvas for their lives. In this canvas we can propose a lifestyle, but there is a very delicate balance between displaying a potential aspirational future life and distracting them with current owner’s aesthetic.

Would Picasso have been inspired to paint one of his masterpieces over another artist’s painted canvas? Even if that other work was outstanding, it more than likely would distract.

When marketing homes, we are selling the future, not the past. Yes, some ultra-personalized interiors do indeed translate well, but often even the best ones distract a large portion of the potential audience. That is not in the best interests of the seller.

A little nostalgia can work, but only in small doses. Images displaying the difference between a highly personalized interior and a more generic staged one often speak more than any words will.

Those BEFORE and AFTER pictures are very effective in our HGTV-obsessed world!

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