• 11/15/21
I like to keep my supplies in small trash cans that roll and a bag that you can get into the car. I keep small kits in the cars.
Always have a meet up spot for family members if you should be separated and there is no cell coverage. Watch for gas leaks and keep a gas wrench next to your meter so you can turn off if need be.
The desert can be cold in the winter-  I keep silver emergency blankets in my kit. Take a couple of hours.. Just do it.


Preparing to Turn off the Gas

Follow these guidelines when preparing to turn off the as:
Keep a 12-15 inch adjustable pipe wrench or crescent wrench available to close the valve in an emergency. Earthquake wrenches with fixed openings may not fit your valve, so an adjustable type is ideal. To minimize the possibility of an unauthorized person tampering with the valve, do not keep the wrenches near the gas meter. Shut off the flow of gas only if you:
  • Smell gas
  • Hear gas escaping
  • See a broken gas line
  • Suspect a gas leak
To turn off the gas, rotate the valve one-quarter turn in either direction. The valve is closed when the tang (the part on which the wrench is placed) is crosswise to the pipe.
Most gas appliances have a gas shut-off valve located near the appliance that lets you turn off only the gas to that appliance. Find out which of your appliances use gas and where the appliance’s shut off valves are located. In some cases, you need only turn off the gas at the appliances shut-off valve.

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